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Lacrosse Tournaments Presented by CroART Lacrosse

CroART Sports manages player, fan and family friendly events. The basic concept of our tournaments is to provide everything you need while attending. We understand that there are many options and not enough days or time to attend everything, so we hope to seperate ourselves from others by hosting cost effective value added programs that cater to all. 

Youth: Family friendly with games, rides, prizes, food and use of campus activities. While your child plays you can watch games, enjoy the facilities and ammenities like pool and gym with other family members.

Adult: We pride ourselves on creating social gatherings within a lacrosse environment. team dinners, social events are all wrapped together for a true experience of Boston and lacrosse.

 We hope you consider some of our unique tournaments this summer. Visit our tournament pages and please contact us by email so we can answer any of your questions.